Olivia’s sewing skills are mostly self-taught. When she got a sewing machine 7 years ago, she had no idea how to use it – but she had the determination to figure it out. As the oldest of nine children, Olivia is no stranger to life’s challenges. When her mother needed help with younger children and housework, Olivia ended her formal education after the  third grade. Most of her working life was spent in unskilled agricultural jobs.


Olivia joined the Quilters’ Guild 3 years ago and has become an accomplished quilter by watching and using her prodigious memory to repeat learned processes. Besides teaching classes, she earns money with numerous custom quilting and embroidery projects.






Eyra’s childhood home was without electricity. Her mother sewed clothes for the family on a hand-cranked sewing machine.  Eyra was fascinated. When her mother was busy elsewhere in the house, eight-year-old Eyra would rip out the seams of her homemade clothes and resew them, cranking the machine all by herself. Mother soon discovered what her little seamstress was up to and from then on Eyra and Mother worked side by side.


For most of her adult life, Eyra sewed by hand, finally purchasing her first machine only 10 years ago. Due to back problems, she is unable to hold a full-time job. Sewing and teaching give Eyra a way to  supplement her small government disability stipend. While quilting is relatively new to Eyra, she has quickly demonstrated a fine talent.  She was the first member of the guild to actually sell a full-sized, hand-made quilt at the guild's first exhibition.



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